Community Improvements

Master & Site Planning and Budgeting to Create or Enhance Site Character. Prepare Contract Documents (plans & specifications for competitive bidding), Construction Layouts, and Details of all Site Features such as Recreational Facilities, Signage, Fencing, Site Lighting, Irrigation, and Plantings. Solicit Bids and Administer Construction for the Owner to ensure compliance with Plans & Specs.

The Reserves





1741  1736   Entrance Sign & Plantings                                                                                       Pergola at the Piazza


LAS was responsible for the open and recreation area amenities, aquascape pergola, decorative street lights, landscape lighting, irrigation, and hardscape & landscape design for individual lots and common areas. LAS was also responsible for landscape and site management of contractors for developer.


The Village of Five Points


1086 1077

LAS was responsible for the Preliminary & Master Plans for the Entrance, Town Center West, Community Open Space, and

Landscape Improvements. The Community Open Space included a Pavilion, Amphitheater type Seating, Walkways, and Landscaping



Stonewater Creek



1722  1724


Community Recreation Area


LAS was responsible for the Preliminary & Master Plans and Construction Documents for this 600 Home Community's

Entrance and Community Recreation Area. Features for this Community included Entrance Signage, Lighting, Irrigation,

Swimming Pool Terrace, and Landscaping.





Independence Village



Design and produce construction documents for the activity and recreation area at the Independence Club house. Including Swimming Area, Tennis Courts, and small Sports Courts (Bocce, Horseshoe, Shuffleboard, & Pickleball). LAS also designed the sight landscaping and layout.



Brookview Townhomes Redevelopment



       Streetscape Improvement Plan - Philadelphia Pike to Manor Avenue



        Philadelphia Pike at Manor Avenue


LAS provided design & construction documentation for the commercial streetscape, master landscape, lighting plans, and design of neighborhood squares and greens for this 66 acre Traditional Neighborhood Development.



Eden Hill Farm - Delaware Historic Planned Community




Neighborhood Park








Commercial / Professional Complex


LAS developed design guidelines for pedestrian circulation, lighting, site amenities, hardscaping, and landscaping to meet City of Dover Traditional Neighborhood Design requirements for this 272 acre, mixed-use development. Additionally, LAS prepared the Master Landscape, Lighting, and Recreational Plans for the residential portion of the project.