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Grove Park Canal Acess Dock - Rehoboth Beach, Delaware



Grove Park Canal Access Dock, in Rehoboth Beach, DE. is a Win - Win - Win project. It's a big win for User's; a huge win for the Canal environment and a tiny first-step win for green infrastructure for Delaware's Seashore, an area with millions of visitors a year. Users gain access to the Canal for a scenic, nature -education tour by water-taxi or to paddle a kayak down this beautiful waterway. Completing the Dock puts the first piece of the Lewes - Rehoboth Water Trail in place. Offering an alternative way to travel between Rehoboth and Lewes will reduce automobile traffic by hundreds of trips a day.

This project

·         Allows everyone to easily enjoy the Canal.

Starting from the existing Breakwater Bike Trail, an accessible Paved Walk meanders down the 24' vertical grade change of the embankment, past several Seating Areas, to access a Raised Boardwalk and Fishing Pier. From there, a Gangway leads to Floating Docks including a Kayak Launch.

·         Paves the way for green, public transportation along the Canal corridor by enabling travel between The Cities of Lewes & Rehoboth Beach without a car and in less time by the planned Water Taxi.

·         Provides a platform for environmental and historic education. Several Information Panels, managed by the adjacent Rehoboth Historic Museum, outline the historic importance of the Canal and tell the story of the canal’s history as a major source for transporting produce and seafood though out Del Mar Va and highlights the unique plants and animals living there.

·         Improves the health and stability of the bank by installing SRW retaining walls, replacing invasive brush with native plantings, establishing a riparian buffer and managing stormwater to eliminate sediment and filter runoff before it enters the Canal, which flows into the ecologically sensitive Rehoboth and Lewes Bays.

Grove Park Canal Access Dock faced a myriad of challenges during construction:

·         The Construction contract was awarded in February, 2020 so, first of all -the COVID 19 pandemic.

·         During construction, a previously unidentified Verizon cable was unearthed while excavating for the concrete walkway/ ramps the cable elevation was higher than one the proposed landings so, the walkway / ramps alignment was shifted a few feet north to miss the cable.

·         Later, it was discovered that the existing overlook deck had been built without adequate footers, and, during a whopper of a storm, it collapsed and was demolished.

·         When preparing to set helical piles for the Raised Boardwalk, an abandoned RR Bridge abutment from a bridge that was demolished in 1937 was discovered right in the alignment. Again, the project got a quick revision of one of the Boardwalk alignments and removal of a 10x10x6 foot portion of the abutment to allow a section of the Boardwalk to be constructed in the original alignment without additional Subaqueous Lands or USACE permit revisions.

·         Finally, the existing 16” water main that runs under the Canal in the project area had to be avoided .Accordingly a vibration monitoring plan was prepared for monitoring the vibrations of helical pile and timber pile installation to ensure that the major water supply to the City of Rehoboth Beach would not be damaged.

In spite of all of these challenges and design modifications, the experienced and cooperative project team of The Sponsor, Owner, Landscape Architect, Structural & Geotechnical Engineers, the General & Sub-Contractors worked together to substantially complete the project 2 months ahead of schedule for a final contract amount for $1,216,644., which is 10 % below the revised project budget.

Grove Park Canal Access Dock was realized through the hard work of many:

Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers

Lessee & Sponsor : City of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Co-Sponsor &Fundraising: Lewes Rehoboth Canal Improvement Association

Site Planning, Landscape Architecture, & Project Manager: Landscape Architectural Services, LLC

General Contractor: Thompson & Sons Contracting, Inc.

Contributors: DelDOT, DNRECFoundations, Businesses and Individuals         


Slaughter Beach Scenic Overlook - Slaughter Beach, Delaware




The Slaughter Beach Scenic Overlook provides access to the Marvel Salt Marsh Preserve. This Raised boardwalk allows users to see aquatic life in a Salt Pond or watch nesting Osprey through binoculars on the Observation Platform. LAS provided design, construction documentation, cost estimating, bidding and contract administration fo this exciting and fun new addition to the Bayshore.


Milford Kayak Dock - Milford, Delaware


The Mispillion Greenway in Milford, DE is a highly successful project, providing over 1/2 mile of walkways, raised boardwalks and pedestrian bridges. The Greenway offers recreation opportunities that bring people downtown to enjoy the River. LAS provided design, construction documentation, cost estimating, bidding and contract administration fo this Kayak launch.


Lewes Gateway, Kings Highway & Theodore Freeman Highway, Lewes, Delaware




Landscape Architectural Services, LLC assisted the City of Lewes, DE in developing this Master Plan through a Public Workshop / Planning Charrette process. The Final Plan includes the new Lewes Public Library with Reading Gardens, Trailhead for the Georgetown to Lewes Rail Trail, Outdoor Concert / Community Event facility, Stormwater Management Area, Pedestrian Circulation, Parking (93 for Library and 50 for Trailhead), Jitney Stop, and Landscape Improvements.

LAS provided Public Outreach to multiple interest groups, Site Analysis, Concept Plans A, B, and C, solicited input from DNREC, DelDOT, Lewes Public Library Board, citizens and neighbors, and produced the Final Master Plan in 3 months.


Charles Price Memorial Park, Levels Rd Middletown, DE






LAS was retained by the Town of Middletown to prepare a Master Plan, Construction Budget, and construction documents for this 123 acre community park. The park features approximately 2 miles of walking and biking trails, a dog park of approximately 5 acres for both small and large dogs, and a "Village Green" community open space consisting of 27 acres of lawn focused on a

6 acre lake, 2 playgrounds, 5 picnic pavilions, numerous volleyball courts, and parking for 90 vehicles. The final phase of the project may include a sports complex with a baseball field, restrooms, concession stand, 2 football fields, additional picnic pavilions, and parking for 60 people. Other features include 30 acres of meadows landscaped with mature plantings.







View of the "Dog Park" 
















View of the Fishing Pier

at the 6 acre lake











Georgetown Circle Renovations



CircleWeb 0591


On July 19th, 2002, Georgetown Circle was rededicated by the Town of Georgetown and opened for

public enjoyment. Construction on this 500,000 dollar renovation project began in January of 2002. 

LAS worked closely with the Citizens Committee & the Town Manager, David Baird, to ensure that this

public space was functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to this historic area.


Brecknock Park




Services provided for this 84 Acre Site included Mapping, Site Analysis, and Concept & Master Planning. 

The Property contains a Historic Farmhouse and Mill Ruins, Riparian Wetlands System, and Mature

Hardwood Forests. This Kent County Park was developed for Passive and Active Recreation and provides a

Football/Soccer Field, 3 Softball Fields, 2 Volleyball Courts, Multiple Horseshoe Pits, and a Walking Trail.



Mispillion Greenway: Inns of the Mispillion


Mispillion Mispillion


Working with the City of Milford, LAS developed the plans to construct this 50' Pedestrian Bridge and a 500 lineal foot Raised Boardwalk.  Period Lighting, Benches, and Trash Receptacles help to make this a pleasant addition to the Mispillion Greenway.



Mispillion Greenway: Mill Pond


1653 1645


Working with the City of Milford, LAS prepared the Concept and Final Plans. LAS was also responsible for securing permits from DNREC, Kent Conservation District, and the State Architectural Accessibility Board. LAS also prepared permanent easements and contract documents for this TEA funded project. Project completed  September, 2005.




Mispillion Greenway: Chaney Wilmont and Warnell





The Chaney Wilmont and Warnell Greenways complete the Mispillion Greenway to its easternmost end at Goat Island and provides a Pedestrian Bridge to allow access to the Island. Adding 1/2 mile of walkway and a canoe / kayak launch that provides access to the River, these Phases expand the opportunities for Recreation in Milford. LAS provided Design, Permitting, Construction Documentation, Bidding, and Construction Administration for these very successful projects.



Warnell Dog Park



2951       2950


099          108


Mispillion Greenway: Kayak Dock



Mispillion Greenway: Gary L Emory Nature Trail at Goat Island


2883             2886


Goat Island               Goat Island


The Gray L. Emory Nature Trail offers a Trail around Goat Island. This 1/2-mile route crosses Raised Boardwalks and At-Grade Paths. Visitors can enjoy three ecotypes: forested uplands, tidal forested swamp, and tidal emergent wetland. LAS prepared Concept Plans, Assisted the City with Land & Water Conservation Trust Fund Grant Application, Prepared Final Plans, Secured Permits from DNREC, Kent Conservation District, and State Accessibility Board, prepared Contract Documents, Assisted in Contract Bid, Contract Award and Provided Contract Administration.


Seaford Sports Complex    


SeafordSport 0202


Dedication for Phase 1 of this 37 Acre Sports Complex took place on June 10, 2002. Phase 1 consisted of the completion of one Softball Field and Construction of an Entrance Road and Parking. After completion in late 2003, this Sports Complex now consists of 4 Softball Fields, a Football & Hockey Field, a Volleyball Court, Playground, Concession/Restrooms, a Ceremonial Plaza, Lighting, Landscaping, and Irrigation.


Church Neff Park - Bethany Beach, DE




Located within walking distance to Bethany Beach, LAS designed this park to incorporate a 6' wide

path providing both walking and biking opportunities as well as several seating areas to enjoy the

pond and woodland habitat. Amenities provided include two multi-task play structures, a fitness

course, a 20ft diameter pavilion with picnic tables & grilles, and a one acre pond.


This project is still in the design phase, but is scheduled to begin construction soon.