Other Services Provided


Land Planning

Analysis of Land Area for Development Potential and Suitability.  Including Evaluation of Natural Features such as Soils, Vegetation, Topography, Hydrology, Wetlands and On & Off Site Views.  Analysis of man made features including Government Ordinances, Existing Zoning, Permitting Procedures, Utility Availability, Roadway Accessibility and Surrounding Land Uses.


Downtown Redevelopment

Programming, Grant Application Preparation, Community Presentations, Planning, Design, Construction Documents, Bidding and Administration.


Wetlands Delineation

Preliminary Determinations, Research National Wetlands Inventory Maps, State Wetlands Maps, and Soil Conservation Service Maps.  On Site Determinations: Sample of Site's Vegetation, Soils and Hydrology to determine Wetlands existence and Boundaries.  Assist Landowners with Permitting Process and Approvals from Federal, State and County Governments.


Project Management

Cost Estimates for Project Construction, Bidding, Administration and Coordination of implementation between Owner and Contractor, Implementation Observation.


Post Project Management

Maintenance Guidelines and Periodic Inspections of Completed Design to Advise Owners on Proper Care for Preserving Their Investments.